If you don’t wear a mask, 500,000 people will die by February!

Just kidding. But that’s the story being touted all over mainstream media this week. The masses will buy it; it sounds simple enough. Wear your mask, save lives. If you don’t wear your mask, people will die.

Fear mongering by Denver7

There’s no mention by the press about where the study came from or who wrote it, so of course we dug right in. The study may be found at www.nature.com, and it’s a doozy.

Who wrote the study? The IHME COVID-19 forecasting team wrote it, no mention of names or scientists. The team wrote it anonymously and didn’t even bother to do an actual study.

Mask “study” by Nature Medicine’s COVID-19 forecasting team

In this case, the team took advice from Fauci under consideration and tried to extract real data out of extrapolations that make no sense. They suppose what could happen, not what actually happens by using actual sample populations.

The study actually brings up a valid point; there’s an interesting confluence of pneumonia and COVID-19 deaths this year. Flu deaths are also down. The study doesn’t know how to address that. No one knows how to address that fact because it points to the un-seriousness of COVID-19.

“Another important assumption to note is that of the relationship between pneumonia seasonality and SARS-CoV-2 seasonality. To date, across both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, there is a strong association between COVID-19 cases and deaths and general seasonal patterns of pneumonia deaths” says the article

Pseudo science with personal interjections is not the type of science Americans should be subject to, but here we are. A group of people got together and decided a half a million people will die if you don’t do your patriotic duty and muzzle up