Free restaurant lunch Monday through Thursday outside Tri-County Health

Sobar (Save Our Bars and Restaurants) posted this morning that next week, lunch for anyone in Colorado is totally free and paid for. What’s the catch? You have to eat it outside Tri-County Health Department with other like-minded people against shutdowns.

Event flyer

Free lunch outside Tri County Health is a peaceful protest to remind unelected health department officials that #bldm (breakfast, lunch, and dinner matter).

The group has been eating lunch, even in the snow, outside Tri County in Castle Rock for over a week, and they’d like as many people as possible to come join them next week.

The protest menu is as follows:

  • Monday: Room’s Street Tacos
  • Tuesday: Fish & Company
  • Wednesday: Britt Stop Cafe
  • Thursday: Garlic & Spice Kitchen

Go to the restaurant listed on the flyer, grab your paid for lunch, and join the peaceful protestors outside Tri-County Health each day next week.