Fauci to CO: face masks are the new seatbelts

When Governor Polis invited the King of Communism himself to speak to Coloradoans, readers knew it would be a ridiculous spectacle, but they didn’t know quite how much of a virtue signaling circus the entire exchange would actually be.

Fauci praised masks , contrasting his word salad from the spring. In this Colorado press conference Tuesday, Fauci said that face masks are like seatbelts, a comparison only made by the ill-read or propaganda -pushing, CCP-paid lackeys.

Tuesday’s statement

The odds of dying in a car crash are 1/103, but the odds of dying from Rona are 0.0009. Comparing the two is not only irresponsible, it’s insane. The analogy makes zero sense, though it doesn’t really matter; Fauci and Polis know the mask fanatics will eat up this analogy despite its illogical premise.

The other problem with this insane virtue signaling comparison is that wearing a seat belt is a condition of driving a car. If you want to drive a vehicle, you have to abide by certain laws. State DMV’s make sure of that; but wearing a mask isn’t the same concept.

Polis’ Friday reminder

Wearing a mask for the next as Biden suggests, is not a condition of doing anything or operating any heavy machinery, like a car. Walking around outside with a face diaper isn’t saving you from anything, much less the Rona. On the contrary, leftists simply want control over what you put on your body and in your body. Don’t let them have it.

This morning, Polis was up early urging Colroadoans to wear muzzles on social media. He used his buzz word “frontline workers” again, a phrase that has been proven to induce compliance. “Do it for the nurses…”

Hospitals are experiencing their annual flu surge, which isn’t being tracked this year, and Polis has a $60k per day convention center/makeshift hospital plus 6 others in the state sitting empty. This is not about nurses, and one must wonder why so many Colorado nurses have come forward to say that Polis’ fear mongering is all a lie; this is no different than flu season. Do not comply.