Esserman for DPS Board already breaks CO campaign finance law

It’s three days into Esserman’s campaign to be a Tay Anderson comrade. Like Mayor Hancock and Tay Anderson, Scott Esserman is a Democrat who doesn’t follow the rules; they only apply to conservatives.

Esserman launched his social media campaign on Thursday to raise money for his school board run, and he’s already off to a shifty start. Colorado, like most states, dictates that school board races are non partisan, but Scott is using Actblue to raise funds, a definite no-no in school board campaign finance.

Scott’s Actblue fundraising

Actblue is a central fundraising tool created and utilized by Democrats to pool resources and funding in one concise location; it’s definitely not non-partisan. It’s the most leftist, major fundraising site in existence.

Scott is also really big into pronouns; his twitter account announces proudly that he identifies as “him” or “he,” as if anyone cares which words people choose to identify as. Scotty, Tay, and the rest of these pronoun-loving people forget that half of Colorado simply doesn’t care and won’t ever refer to people as “they,” “their,” “zein,” or whatever ridiculous words they might use this week.

Literally no one cares about your pronouns

It’s also a little curious that Scotty just filed as a candidate in Tracer on December 10th, but his Actblue account is already up and running. Why does a local DPS candidate need to utilize a National Democratic fundraising platform? Better yet, is anyone going to stop him? Nope. 2020 is so woke.

Registration 12/10

Democrats are allowed to do whatever they want; rules are for thee, not for me. Three days into his campaign, Esserman has already proven that’s his mentality; rules be damned. It’s the year of the woke democrat.