Epic Mountain Gear of Aurora: we don’t cater to customers with more than 2 children

In today’s installment of the US Turns to China, Epic Mountain Gear refused to serve a family with four children today.

The Van Dee Jagt family arrived for gear fittings at the Epic Mountain Gear store in Aurora today, only to be told that reservations are mandatory and families with more than two children aren’t welcome.

Read that again.

Families with more than two children are not permitted to shop at Epic Mountain Gear. Management is so afraid of Rona at 99.98% survivability that they won’t even allow entire families for mountain gear fittings.

Apparently, no one told Epic Mountain Gear that some families don’t throw away female babies, so they have more than 2 children. Management also didn’t consider single mothers in their CCP ridiculousness; maybe they expect such moms to pay a sitter so no one gets Rona.

If your family hasn’t subscribed to Communism yet, and you’ve given birth to more than a few kids, because, you know…this is the USA, has not forgotten about freedom and will accept customers without reservations and population limits.