Elect Cory Gardner 

From: Will Johnson, Highlands Ranch

Most of us agree that our country is sorely needing more bipartisan,
constructive dialogue and cooperation these days. Senator Cory Gardner
embodies this much-needed behavior. In fact, this year he was ranked the
third most bipartisan senator by the Lugar Center for his work to build
consensus, elevate the tenor of debate, practice civility, and advance
legislation on pressing issues. To that end, he’s passed more bills than the
rest of our Colorado delegation combined—that requires bipartisan,
consensus-building leadership! We should take pride that we have a senator
representing our state in this way and re-elect him to continue his
productive work this November!

Senator Gardner is focused on making life better for all Coloradans and his
record shows it. From leading the RESTART Act for Covid-impacted Colorado small businesses, to authoring and passing the Great American Outdoors Act which champions Colorado environmental conservation projects (the largest conservation project in history!), to introducing bills improving mental health resources in our schools, Senator Gardner has strongly represented our diverse Colorado voices at a national level.

There is a sharp contrast with his opponent, John Hickenlooper. Just last
year, Hickenlooper said he was “not cut out to be a senator”. Combine that
with his multiple ethics violations as Governor that he refused to testify
about, was convicted of, and that we the taxpayers are now paying for, there is real cause for concern for how he would represent our state, our values, and our voices. Can we trust Colorado’s national representation and our future to someone like that? Instead, let’s re-elect Senator Cory Gardner to continue his successful bipartisan leadership of our great state and

*Editor’s Note: This is our first guest author.

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