El Paso County GOP desperately teams up with FEC

The Republican Party of El Paso County, Colorado has accomplished very few positive things this year, mostly due to the Chair’s inability or refusal to help conservatives get elected. Although infighting and loss of red ground have embattled El Paso County Republicans this year, they have managed to participate in several toy drives and protests with local group FEC United.

The El Paso County GOP looks less like a political party and more like a social committee each day, thanks to Vickie Tonkins, the party chair who has thrust the local party into a mess of negative media, police reports, and financial questions.

GOP El Paso’s combined event

For its part, FEC United has organized the bulk of these events, with the El Paso County GOP showing up in name only. Why the GOP is involved in such events escapes both elected officials and Executive Committee members; Chair Vickie Tonkins cleared the events through no one before thrusting the EPC GOP into said events.

The El Paso County Republican Party is so far gone that it may never regain a sense of who it once was. Once a conservative powerhouse for the entire state, it’s now a remnant of it’s former self, a red shadow turning blue while setting up outdoor folding tables for Christmas toys…thanks to the failure of Tonkins and her associates.

While the party may be incapable of fundraising, getting conservatives elected, keeping accurate accounting of their finances, or following up with police reports, the El Paso County GOP is holding a two hour event tonight at Lighthouse Church, complete with cookies, hot cocoa, and pizza…all of the requirements for a successful GOP El Paso in 2021.