Eat somewhere local versus In and Out

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According to Aurora PD, the wait for a delicious In and Out burger is approaching twelve hours, meaning they’ll close before you’re served the delicious burger.

Lines are long in the Springs and Aurora, where both locations opened today. Aurora PD is encouraging people to eat elsewhere. Since indoor dining has been reduced to 25% on Colorado Springs and is non-existent in Aurora, restaurants have suffered greatly at the hands of Polis.

In and Out’s owner Lynsi Snyder is worth $3 billion dollars and will be just fine compared to local small business owner competitors. Most restaurants are lucky to crack the 30% profit benchmark, so reducing their capacity to serve customers by 75% leaves owners with pennies.

Instead of waiting hours to give your money to another chain establishment that doesn’t need it, try spending your money with locally owned businesses. Doing so puts groceries on the table for a small business owner or buys a Christmas present for a local child. In and Out will be there next week, still raking in your cash that goes straight to its billionaire owner.

The Colorado Herald