DougCo Sheriff called to Castle Rock mask incident

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On Monday afternoon, an elderly couple and middle-aged couple got into a heated argument about masks at a Castle Rock post office.

Monti, a Larkspur woman, says that she was minding her own business, not wearing a mask, waiting in line to mail a package at the post office in Castle Rock. That’s when an elderly couple in front of Monti and her husband yelled at her to go outside and wait in line.

“You’re putting us all at risk.”

Monti refused to leave, and a heated exchange occurred. The elderly couple insisted on calling the police, and Monti’s husband had already done so at that point in the shuffle. The elderly woman continued to yell and insist that wearing a mask is a law.

When the Douglas County sheriff arrived, he explained to the elderly couple that wearing a mask is not a law, and that he as a law enforcement officer can not enforce a mandate. He instructed the couple to mind their own business, and no arrests or citations were made.

The elderly woman yelled to Monti that she was putting a young child at risk by not wearing a mask, and she pointed at a boy in line at the post office. The boy’s mother removed her son’s mask and quipped back,

“People like you are the reason I lost my job and cannot put a roof over this baby’s head.”

The Colorado Herald