Denver Riots Likely to Continue; Blantifa Makes More Demands

Wednesday evening saw an onslaught of “protestors” in Denver, but the coming week could prove disastrous for downtown Denver businesses and residents.

The Denver Communists posted today that Tig Tiegen and the UADF did not attend last night’s “protest,” though the UADF tweeted a photo of themselves in battle costume Wednesday night.

According to social media posts, Patriots and Blantifa will square off once again on Friday night in a publicized confrontation. The last publicized confrontation left Lee Keltner, a conservative, dead at the hands of a 9News Blantifa agent on October 12th.

Blantifa flyer 11/5

Blantifa claims they will be marching for Black lives matter, to end homeless sweeps, and defund the police.

Conservative flyer 11/4

Conservatives say they are marching to protect the vote from fraud and stand up against Blantifa. It’s going to be a long Friday night.

Denver Communists Post 11/5