Denver Rioters Find New Cause 11/4: Counting the Vote

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Rioters gathered in downtown Denver last night to express their frustration with America, or as many of them tweeted, “AmeriKKKa.” The cause touted last night was “protect the vote.”

Denver 11/4, via Unicorn Riot

LRAD was deployed, and eight arrests were made throughout the night. Of course, the arrests will have no effect on the Antifa group, as they have unlimited bail funds.

Blantifa bail funds 11/4

Throughout Wednesday night, rioters communicated via text and twitter about impending arrests and locations of the Denver “pigs,” who received flying objects and spit hurled at them.

The peaceful left, rioting 11/4

The group has vowed to continue the violence again tonight, and businesses in downtown Denver remain boarded up to protect against the violence.

Neither Mayor Hancock nor Governor Polis has condemned the violent riots, which is curious since both leaders have remained steadfast that to curb the spread of COVID-19, mass gatherings must stop. As we saw over the summer, however, Blantifa is often exempt from any rules. The group will be able to riot for “the vote” without much repercussions Thursday night as well.

The Colorado Herald