Denver Public Schools Go to Remote Learning to Ease Community Fears and Anxiety

DPS announced on October 27th that students in grades third through twelfth will transition to remote learning this week. This is despite the fact that DPS has no “virus” outbreaks or associated issues.

DPS Website

Remember, this virus is so, so serious. It’s so deadly that schools must be moved to remote learning…except for first and second graders. Apparently the Rona doesn’t spread in first and second grade households.

From DPS’ website : “Grades 3-5 will stay open for in-person instruction through Friday, Oct. 30, and students will have the opportunity to gather supplies to prepare for remote learning. These grades will shift to remote learning on Monday, Nov. 2 and will stay in remote learning until the Thanksgiving holiday, when we will reassess health conditions.”

Also, third through fifth graders will finish the week, through October 30th, collect their things, and then move to remote learning. So COVID-19 is so serious that schools must stop teaching now, but apparently the super deadly virus will wait for the third through fifth graders to finish the school week before infecting anyone. They’ll be out of school just in time for elections. Perfect. This makes total sense.

The most outlandish aspect of DPS school shut downs in is the admission by all officials involved, just like Cherry Creek school district, that there is not a COVID-19 problem in any of the schools. There aren’t any active outbreaks, and school transmission has been minimal.

DPS’ Superintendent says in her statement on the website, “I am heartbroken that we are here. I believe that our efforts to gradually reopen our school buildings and educate and care for our children has been the right thing to do, and at the same time, it is clear that we need to balance this with the needs of our community to drive the COVID rates down. There is real fear, anxiety and concern on all sides, regardless of where you stand on this issue– parents and students who desperately want their children to be in school, teachers and leaders who are concerned about their health and safety. There is no easy answer, but I want you to know that this balance–serving the students who pose the least risk and need in-person learning the most– while providing high-quality remote services to all others, is the balance that will serve us best in this difficult time.”

DPS cancelled schools to help people in the community with their “anxiety and fears” of the virus that 99.98% of people survive. Got it.

In what kind of country is it acceptable to cancel in person learning for our children, for no reason other than to prevent the spread of a virus that’s 99.98% survivable?

We are living in a communist country.