Denver metro mayors beg Polis to shut down WeldCo

In a November 23rd letter to Governor Polis, the Denver Metro Mayor’s Caucus urged Polis to make Weld County comply with Rona lockdowns and mask mandates…because what WeldCo does is really triggering liberals in surrounding metro areas.

Denver Metro Mayor’s Caucus

The Caucus states, “restaurants that refuse to close should face suspension and/or revocation of state licenses. Additionally, local governments that refuse to enforce public health orders should not receive state aid or any share of state funding normally allocated. Willful non-compliance jeopardizes the lives of their residents…”

The letter was signed by several local mayors and associated individuals, including Mayor Mike Coffman of Aurora and Tara Radloff, Mayor of Castle Pines.

When local elected conservatives beg for compliance and more control over local citizens and their governments via state funding and license threats, readers must question the direction of those local conservatives.