Denver declares racism a public health crisis

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Officials somehow tied this into COVID-19, of course. From Denver Department of Public Health’s website:

“Over the course of the pandemic, the City and County of Denver has witnessed the convergence of two public health crises: COVID-19 and the continuing impacts of institutionalized racism. People of color and immigrant and refugee communities have been and continue to be disproportionately sickened or killed by COVID-19. The vulnerability of these communities is a direct result of inequitable health and economic policies and systems exacerbated by this pandemic.”

People of color have been “killed more by the virus that’s 99.98% survivable? Okay. That seems like a stretch. Denver blames inequitable health and economic policies…it’s all “systemic” they say.

Which part of “the system” is keeping people of color sick? Or killing them? Are said people not able to apply for Medicaid? Did they not see the hundreds of free testing sites erected since March?

What’s the real story as to why racism is a public health crisis? If Colorado already declared racism a public health crisis in August, does Denver’s declaration make racism more serious?

When Colorado Department of Public Health declared racism a public health crisis, it did so in order to hire more minorities within the health department. Apparently, racism amounts to hiring people based on the color of their skin and not their skills.

Racism is a problem, but it’s not a public health crisis. A public health crisis is what’s happening in the streets of Denver, where people shoot up heroine on school grounds and bathe in the Platte. Citizens have formed organizations to clean the streets because the city has not done so.

Calling racism a public health crisis is nothing more than rebranded affirmative action, an attempt to hire people based not on their merits but the color of their skin. Rushing an ill studied vaccine to communities of color is virtue signaling.

Photo: Mother Jones

The Colorado Herald