Denver Compassion Cruiser is the modern day bread line

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Communist, ooops, we meant…Compassion cruisers have rolled out in Denver, thanks to the Denver Police Department. The vans travel around the city handing out food, sanitizer, and masks (of course). Liberals think these vans are great; what’s better than free stuff from the government?

For a start, most non-Communist Americans would rather go to work to earn money to buy groceries, not have food dropped into their communities like a Somalian supply drop. For hundreds of years, that’s the way our country worked. We went to work, where we’d receive a paycheck that would buy the food and supplies we need for our families.

No one ever thought that communism would happen so quickly. With the soul crushing second wave already in place and ready to close any restaurants and small business that haven’t already closed permanently, even Walmart is giving away free thanksgiving dinners this year.

Compassion cruiser

While businesses are shuttering by the day, governors are telling Americans we cannot celebrate thanksgiving with family, and penalties in most states include fines and jail, the government is here to save you with masks and boxed stuffing mix. It’s for your safety. Thank you for the modern day bread lines, government. Where ever would be be without you? Oh, right…working, receiving a paycheck, and buying quality foods instead of relying on Communist cruisers.

The Colorado Herald