Dems backtrack on compliance measure for state funds

On the last day of the special COVID-19 emergency relief session called by Governor Jared Polis, SB-20B-001’s compliance measure was “ by house democrats.

The bill received scrutiny from Republican representatives, who called the compliance measure meant to withhold funding from Weld County for not enforcing Polis’ mandates “tyrannical.”

Rep Dave Williams encouraged more businesses to refuse compliance with Polis’ communist mandates today, which have done nothing but shut down businesses and cause suffering across the state. Williams says the “ has begun, and Rep Patrick Neville said during session today that the state shouldn’t claim it’s helping small businesses when all it’s done is shut them down.

The bipartisan bill was created to with the compliance measure added by Dems late Monday. With mounting pressure from Republicans today, Democrat legislators backtracked on the compliance measure, thanks to Rep Shane Sandridge, who backed the measure out at the last moment to ensure the legislation didn’t step on Weld Co or others.