Democrats don’t have to follow COVID rules

We’ve seen it countless times now through the Communist lockdowns; average everyday peasants like you and I must stay home, social distance, wear a mask…

Meanwhile, democratic elites scoff at COVID-19 rules. Just last week, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot while telling Chicagoans to stay home and not celebrate Thanksgiving. Illinois Governor Pritzker also rioted for Biden while touting lockdowns as the cure for the virus that’s 99.98% survivable. And Pritzker’s daughter was photographed eating in a large group at a restaurant, which is totally against sham virus rules.

Now, photographers caught Governor Newsom eating in a large group at French Laundry, sans masks and not social distancing at all. Newsom has the nerve to tell Californians to muzzle up between bites of food, and not celebrate holidays with family. But remember…the rules don’t apply to democratic elites.

One of Newsom’s many tweets

When asked about his sham virus faux pas, Newsom said he which most critics believe meant that he regretted getting caught in his own hypocrisy.

Newsom’s not COVID friendly dinner, via Fox

Also this week, SF Media in California traveled to a four day conference in Hawaii. But again…Rona is super serious. It’s so serious that eating dinner with Grandma is like “bringing a loaded pistol for ,” according to Colorado Governor Jared Polis. But dinners and travel are fine for democratic elites.

What makes the governor’s dinner most hilarious is his constant fear mongering. Additionally, two top health officials further questioning the seriousness of COVID-19.

And let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon guffaw or her recent dinner for Democratic Congress people. was scrapped by Pelosi after her hypocrisy was again brought to light.

The question everyone should ask himself is, “if Rona is so serious, would democratic leaders across the nation be flocking to Biden riots, salons, fancy dinners, and Hawaii?”