Dem fears self educated kids who don’t need him

The anti homeschool, anti social worker,
anti-special needs, anti-deaf, Nazi obsessed Republican candidate for HD-34
is back!
His campaign literature is so woke that he mentions his “amazing Japanese
wife…” No, really.
If you don’t remember Mark, he’s the Colorado House candidate that went on
a bizarre tirade back in July about homeschooling and called all homeschool
parents Nazis who rob the state of tax dollars. He went so far as to call
anyone who disagreed with him “Helen Keller.” In fact, people from all across
the country, including elected officials, came to this page to rip into Mark.

This time, he’s insulting people whose doors he knocks on while
campaigning. Also, his campaign literature is written by an 8 year old. He
can’t even correctly write “Pledge of Allegiance,” which screams of his
ineptness. No, really…
Seriously, candidates should be better vetted than this. Good job, primary
voters of HD-34 (sarcasm).