Dead woman’s family blames Weld Co govt for her death

Denver7 Fear mongering

A “grieving Greeley family” called out Weld County, though this was obviously glorified by Denver7, and asks for more communism in a typical mainstream media article this morning.

“Family members are critical of Weld County government for its refusal to enforce COVID-19 restrictions. ‘They’re cowards for their false leadership, in our minds,’ Strumpf said.”

Here’s the thing, Strumpf family…your fear of people without masks doesn’t justify Weld County’s intervention; stop with your communist fear mongering, and stay home.

This brand of media fear mongering isn’t new. At the beginning of China Wave 1 and Wave 2, the media ramped up guilt inducing stories, which may work on some peasants. The death of a family member isn’t a reason to invite unnecessary government edicts. If one’s father dies of obesity and diabetes, we don’t call on our county government to ban unhealthy foods.

This article is no different than the young boy whose parents supposedly both died of COVID. The statistical likelihood of that is about 0.0004%, so you’d be more likely to be struck by lightning twice in one day than both parents dying of COVID-19. You’d also be more likely to win the lottery two times in one day. Nevertheless, the media wants you to remember this young boy, much like this Greeley woman.

The greatness of America comes from individuals’ ability to choose if they want to stay home and hunker down or “risk” exposure to the virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

For the family’s part, calling a local government cowardly for not adhering to communism is reckless and self righteous. The Schrumpf family has zero right to call out Weld County government; their matriarch could have stayed home, and fear mongering isn’t necessary.