Darien Wilson 4 Commish: I lost, but can you please pay my loans?

Darien Wilson for Douglas County Commissioner lost her campaign, but she’s still campaigning. The Emerge candidate was so confident that she would win, that she paid her campaign via several personal loans.

She infused her campaign with $15,000 of her own money on October 21st, and by November 3rd had apparently spent that cash. Now, Darien is asking for donations to repay the loans she paid to her own campaign.

Help! Repay me!

Why anyone would contribute to a campaign that lost remains to be seen, but the mechanisms of repayment should be watched closely over the coming months. When a candidate pays her own campaign and then asks for loan repayment, one must ask if the “repayment dollars” will be withdrawn or transferred to another campaign.

If the loans are repaid via campaign donations, then any dollars infused into the already lost campaign should be kept in said account.

In order for the loan repayments to be received correctly, Darien will need to record incoming contributions in the open account, then she’ll need to withdrawal those as personal loan repayments.