Coronavirus wave 2 includes the flu

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According to Colorado Department of Public Health, October is the beginning of flu season, when flu cases begin to surge. During the 2017-2018 flu season, which spans until the end of May, 4,650 Coloradoans were hospitalized with the flu.

During the 2018-2019 flu season, 3,832 people were hospitalized in Colorado. During the 2019-2020 flu season, 3,456 people were hospitalized with the flu.

On average over the last three flu seasons in Colorado, 572 people were hospitalized per month with the flu…that is, until this flu season.

According to Colorado Department of Public Health, 14% of hospital beds in Colorado are occupied by COVID-19 patients, which is about 1500 hospital beds.

Notice, also, that the number of COVID patients is elusive since presumed cases are thrown into the same pile as actual positives. And there are more questions than answers. What’s the average length of stay for these patients? Are they all currently in the hospital? Why isn’t this data readily available?

An average of 572 people are hospitalized with the flu each month during flu season in Colorado, so on an average week in 2019, there would be 143 people hospitalized with the flu. CDPHE states that for the week ending November 7th, only three people were hospitalized with the flu in Colorado, as opposed to the expected average of 143 people per week. Where did all of Colorado’s flu patients go?

Alleged percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

The 2019-2020 flu season claimed three children, but schools were never closed. On the contrary, there are no COVID-19 deaths reported among Colorado Children except for when the media attempted to push MISC-C as a “COVID-19-related illness.” That practice vanished into thin air.

Only 3 people in Colorado are hospitalized with the flu

There should be 143-152 flu patients hospitalized in Colorado. Again, there are only three patients. CDPHE wants you to believe that a 95.5% reduction in hospitalized flu patients is normal. So where did all of the flu patients in Colorado go?

And then, why, if the hospitals are “surging,” is Colorado bringing in patients from other states? Does anyone truly understand how many patients labeled as COVID-19 Colorado patients, are actually not COVID-19 positive or Coloradoans?

The “surge” King Polis and CDPHE are rambling about is nothing more than optics; we have 95.5% less flu patients this year than last year, assumed COVID patients labeled as actual cases, and a state government that’s flying patients in from other states. Don’t worry; it’s all for your safety. The virus is 99.98% survivable, but the hospitals are “surging” with people with the sniffles.

The Colorado Herald