Communist Wilson and Friends

Communist Wilson sells self as progressive

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Avoid Darien Wilson at ALL costs.

Douglas County is full of important races this year, and District 3 Commissioner is no exception. Lora Thomas, a third generation Coloradoan, is challenged by Darien Wilson (below), who is basically a Communist. It doesn’t get anymore Communist than Tay Anderson and Candi CdeBaca, who vowed two years ago to usher in communism “by any means necessary.”

Let’s not forget that CdeBaca received more campaign contributions from her wife than the law allows, plus she tried to hire her wife for a key city

Darien’s ties to Tay Anderson, the most well known socialist in Denver, who likes to teach children to participate in drag shows and literally fight with the police and then try to sue them when he is accidentally pushed to the ground, are also frightening and far from what the people of Douglas County need or want.

These two, CdeBaca and Anderson, are largely responsible for the decay of Denver Public Schools. Even worse, they believe that homeless should be able to sleep outside public schools and parks, leaving behind their human waste and syringes. They don’t care about the tax payer; that’s communism. Both want to defund the police. Tay calls police “corrupt MF’ers” and “trash,” while Candi steals police property. The people of Douglas County don’t hate police, though.…/denver-police-candi…/amp/

So unless Douglas County is looking to start heading in that direction (communism) wherein their beautiful parks such as Larkspur Park are filled with tents and human poop, and public middle schools start building transgender bathrooms, residents should not vote for Darien Wilson.

The Colorado Herald