Colorado holds special committee hearing on election integrity

Monday of this week, a group of Colorado State Representatives penned a letter to Speaker of the House KC Becker, demanding a special committee be formed to investigate potential election fraud and/or irregularities.

Today, Representative Dave Williams announced on social media that a committee will be assembled to ensure election integrity next week.

The representatives called for a committee investigation after constituents across the state voiced concerns about ballot harvesting and election fraud, especially with Dominion Voting Systems. While no evidence of widespread voter fraud has been uncovered to date, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence across the country.

Monday’s letter and today’s announcement are signed by the Audit Committee, representatives:

  • Lori Saine
  • Mark Baisley
  • Terri Carver
  • Marc Catlin
  • Steve Humphrey
  • Patrick Neville
  • Shane Sandridge
  • Rep-Elect Ron Hanks
  • Steve Champion
  • Tim Geitner
  • Richard Holtorf
  • Larry Liston
  • Stephanie Luck
  • Rod Pelton
  • Kim Ransom
  • Janice Rich
  • Matt Soper
  • Kevin Van Winkle
  • Dave Williams
  • Perry Will
  • James Wilson

The date for the committee meeting is Dec 15 at 10am in room 271, Capitol building. It’s a start.