Colorado Health Dept: report your neighbors on social media

Colorado Department of Public Health is working overtime. Between the mask posts and the social distancing posts, their holiday season is full. Now the health department feels like it’s their business to tell people what to believe and where to get their news. CDPHE also wants to ensure that citizens are reporting their neighbors’ beliefs if they’re anti-vax or anti-mask in nature.


CDPHE only wants Coloradoans to get their news from “reputable news sources,” in other words, the mainstream media, in order to censor anything that contradicts the narrative that the COVID-19 vaccine is a godsend. The mainstream media has censored information since COVID-19 began and refused to publish information that contradicts the narrative of the pandemic.

“Report anything”

The health department is now telling people what to believe and how to turn in their neighbors for not believing the same things; this isn’t the health department’s job. Americans must reject the notion that turning in other people for their beliefs is good for society. On the contrary, these gestapo tactics lead to Communism; the USA almost there.