Colorado gyms turn into haz mat wards

This makes no sense; none of it ever has. But let’s suppose that the masks work (they don’t). What exactly are these plastic walls accomplishing?

Vasa Fitness Denver

Vasa in Denver has suffered the wrath of King Polis, and their expensive paint sheets are doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus with a 99.98% survival rate. Additionally, Vasa used to open at 4am for early fitness fanatics. Because of King Polis’ edicts, the gym now cannot open until 6am…Rona might infect customers on the treadmill extra hard between the hours of 4am and 6am. Denver curfew ends at 6am each morning, another ill effect of Communism.

24 Hour Fitness across the state has enacted similar ridiculous measures. The most ridiculous part of the whole idea behind these plastic walls is that Rona is allegedly better handled in open spaces with good ventilation. Plastic wrap hallways hardly allow for proper ventilation and air flow.

Nevertheless, Americans continue to beg for more protection from the virus with a 99.98% survival rate, and our governments continue to provide the unnecessary protection…communism.