CO Restaurants suffer while malls rage on

In today’s installment of nonsensical Rona restrictions, we bring you Colorado shopping malls. Now, don’t get us wrong, nothing should be closed; but if shopping malls in Colorado look like a Kid Rock concert, then it seems like restaurants should be permitted to open.

Chapel Hills Mall, CO Springs

According to , shopping malls in Communist red zones may remain open at fifty percent capacity. Meanwhile, restaurants are expected to only serve customers with take-out or outdoor dining

Pictures at Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs paint a Rona picture that shows just how idiotic the mandates really are. Hundreds of people crowded into the mall, perusing kiosks and generally convening in the middle sections, leave restaurant owners to ask more questions.


Meanwhile, in small town Colorado, like most small towns (and even large cities), almost every single restaurant is less than one week away from closing for good. However, those small businesses cannot fight like large corporations. It’s Rona season; no restaurants, no mom and pop shops…Walmart and shopping malls rage on.