CO media promotes COVID fear mongering

Colorado media outlets are touting hospitalizations again. Denver 7 is even posting pictures of allegedly dead COVID victims.

There are supposedly 244 COVID patients in the state (of almost 6 million people), which has over 14,000 total hospital beds. Too bad most of these cases are probably not even COVID patients. They’re just people with broken knees who were forced to test and found out they had the China flu within a month of their primary diagnosis.

See the conversation below with El Paso County Health. All it takes to be a COVID hospitalization is to test positive ***within 30 days*** of a hospitalization. The state doesn’t have any mechanism (or doesn’t want one) to discern between a broken knee and COVID.

If you break your arm, are discharged home, and test positive 3 weeks
later, you are a COVID hospitalization. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells,
nothing will. But here comes your third wave that Polis is so concerned about. 244 CASES, of which nobody knows which ones are truly COVID.

The plan has come off the tracks, and now they’re just doing anything they
can to salvage the remains of this sham.


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