Cherry Creek Schools and Tri County Health Tease a District-wide Shut Down, despite no COVID Problem at Schools

Cherry Creek Schools (District 5, Arapahoe County) Superintendent Scott Sigfried sent an email to parents on Friday, October 16th, which basically acknowledged that Cherry Creek doesn’t have a COVID problem.

According to Scott’s email, “Based on our first quarter data, I am confident that there is minimal spread of COVID in our schools due to the multiple overlapping safety strategies we implemented…”

That fact doesn’t matter, though, as children are just pawns in this sick game. After Scott Sigfried met with Tri County Health last week, he issued a stark warning that if “the community” meaning Arapahoe County, doesn’t slow the spread, then schools in the Cherry Creek District will move to remote learning.

October 16th Email to Cherry Creek Parents, describing actions that will be taken if the larger community doesn’t “slow the spread”

“… however, I am deeply concerned with the significant amount of spread in our community. As our metric indicates, this week I have consulted with the Tri-County Health Department and our surrounding districts.  Our metric points to a return to school this coming Monday. However, if we do not see a change in the trend of cases by Friday, October 23, 2020 we will contemplate a move to full Remote learning until the virus in our community is again under control,” reads the email.

All of this to say, Cherry Creek will most likely begin remote learning next Friday because the health department is worried about a rise in cases due to a rise in testing, without any real uptick in hospitalizations or deaths. Makes sense…

After all, these kids’ education was cut short in the spring, they’ve suffered in isolation all summer thanks to unnecessary shut downs, and C19 is no threat at all. But clearly Tri County Health and Cherry Creek School District don’t care about the kids. In fact, claims that Cherry Creek kids are suffering and struggling with online learning.

In a recent meeting with Tri-County health, Adams County moved to Level 3 restrictions, with Level 4 still on the table.

It’s about political control.