CDPHE says COVID negative really a positive

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Good news! CDPHE released their news guidelines for
cases and outbreaks in childcare and schools, effective Monday October 5th.
It’s all a bunch of watered down rules for quarantining and isolating from
the virus or whatever it is.
In their FAQ’s, CDPHE was kind enough to answer the question, “COULD
CDPHE told the truth and said, “Yes, they can. There are many reasons a
test can be negative, even if the person is infected.”
WHAT? No, really, what?
They’re counting anyone as a case now. It doesn’t matter. He’s a case!
You’re a case! We are all cases!
So CDPHE (and every other health department on the nation, let’s be honest)
for months counted anyone who died and has symptoms of COVID as a COVID
death, and when that scam is discovered, the “case push” started.
In the “case push” phase, known by non-wise people as a “second or third
wave,” health departments make cases a major cause for alarm and continued
shut-downs. The age range targeted during the case push is anywhere from 4-22
years old. Cases are “surging” at schools and universities. SHUT IT DOWN.
Boulder county quarantines anyone in the age range of 18-22.
It’s the stupidest game on the planet. And yet here we are. The USA is
collectively the slowest boiling frog.…/16g…/view…

The Colorado Herald