Caution tape isn’t enough; parks in L.A. fenced

In today’s installment of Wave 2, caution tape isn’t enough to keep kids safe from the virus that doesn’t kill kids. We now bring you fenced parks.

L.A. County is so afraid that kids might use playgrounds that fences are being installed across the county to prevent such recklessness as kids not stuck to a computer or TikTok.

Fencing parks 12/3 to prevent the Rona spread

Parks? Nope, not today.

Churches? Absolutely not.

Liquor stores? Come on in. That’s essential.

Walmart? Yes, ma’am. We have hundreds of aisles of people rummaging through candles, just for you.

Strip club? Who knows? It depends on the state, probably essential.

Tattoo shop? Come on by; totally essential in most states.

Riots? Yes, please, if they’re for Biden or BLM. Antifa is essential, too.

Looting? Hell yes.

But how dare those kids get on a swing and smile for just one minute, though? This is Rona season.