Breaking! Adams County moves to Level 3 on Weds October 28th

Adams County will move to Level 3 Safer at Home this Wednesday evening. This announcement was made during an emergency meeting this evening, called by the county. Discussions were led by Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE).

Adams County residents should be more than wary; the state of Colorado will have the final say in the matter and has Level 4 Restrictions on the table for the county.

Level 4 is the most restrictive “virus” preventative phase, and it’s total lockdown.

Dr. Douglas of Tri-County Health states that because other states have high rates of COVID-19 and hospitals in the Spring were allegedly locked down, Adams County should begin restrictions now.

Emergency Meeting 10/23/20

Citing increased positivity rates, Adams County will place its citizens under the following restrictions, for the virus with a 99.98% survival rate:

-25% capacity for restaurants, retail, offices, places of worship.

-Bars closed

-Limited in person learning

These restrictions are in addition to Polis’ restrictions announced today; Coloradoans are told to stay home and if they gather must not do so in groups larger than 5 people.

This meeting, like so many other “emergency meetings” in Adams County, was not made available to the public. Mayor Benjamin Huseman posted it here for concerned citizens:

Downtown Brighton, CO

Don’t worry, Adams County; this is all for your safety. Just 2 weeks to slow the spread…