Black Conservative Intentionally Run off the Road after Golden MAGA Drag

Tony attended a MAGA Drag the Interstate rally on November 1st in Golden. His vehicle was adorned with a thin blue line flag, a Trump flag, and a “black voices for Trump flag,” which must have triggered the liberals who say you can’t be black and vote for Trump. Tony dressed in his favorite MAGA gear for the event.

Tony and Jon after the incident

Tony is a retired Marine with 20 years of service. Tony is a son, a husband and a father of 4, with a 5th on the way. Tony works as a night manager at Pizza Hut and enjoys aviation as a hobby when he has extra time and money.

After the rally, as Tony drove home, a white SUV with an assumed liberal man inside ran him off the road. Tony managed to keep himself composed and avoid being hit head on, but his contact lens popped out in the process so he couldn’t see well. His vehicle was totaled.

Tony met Jon P at the MAGA event, and he called Jon the next day to discuss the traumatic event. Jon has successfully posted Tony’s story all over social media to inform voters about the intolerant left, as well as to hopefully assist Tony with bills. He also started a Gofundme account for Tony, and the two will be lifelong friends in politics and more.

Tony’s Godfundme is here so that he may continue working and providing for his family.