Bipartisan relief bill: comply or suffer the consequences

A bill introduced in the Colorado House yesterday, SB-20B-001, states that counties who don’t comply with Rona restrictions won’t receive relief funding. That’s how communism works; do as the government says, or suffer the consequences.

The bill, which is aimed at helping businesses but received a clause late Monday from Democrats that stipulates counties that don’t comply with Rona mandates will lose relief funding, which is particularly harmful to Weld County, in which comissioners and Sheriff Reams won’t enforce communist mandates. Under the terms of SB-20B-001, WeldCo gets nothing.

It’s co-sponsored by Shane Sandridge, a Republican, as it’s important to provide relief for said businesses. Many republicans criticized the fact that counties must “comply” in order to receive economic relief. That clause, again, was added by democrats.

Democrats added the clause to get their way with mandates, as Denver and Boulder counties are mad at WeldCo for allowing citizens to think for themselves; that’s not what communism is all about, and WeldCo isn’t playing by Polis’ rules.

Of course, true to Leslie Herod’s form, the bull is full of relief for minorities only (51% non white or more).

“$4 million for use by the minority business office in the Colorado office of economic development to provide direct relief payments, grants and loans, and technical assistance and consulting support to minority-owned businesses.”

Another co-sponsor is Shane Sandridge, a Republican. Obviously, it’s important to provide relief for suffering businesses. Again, the compliance clause was added by democrats.

Now, not only do business face loss of health department licensure and liquor board licensure, but entire counties will face monetary setbacks and no relief from the government who’s there “to help” them. Shame on WeldCo government; when you don’t follow the rules in communism, your people suffer.