A virus so deadly that schools will shut down…in 2 weeks

Denver Public Schools announced today, like dozens of others throughout Colorado, that schools will be closed for in person learning beginning Monday the 30th of November.

Let that sink in. The Rona is so deadly (it’s not deadly at all), that schools must shut down…but not right away. DPS says that this closure won’t happen until Monday, November 30th…an entire 12 days from today.

DPS statement

These questionable actions have been performed similarly by districts throughout Colorado. District 11 sent out a letter to teachers last week stating that if a COVID-19 test wasn’t received back for a suspected “case,” then quarantine would begin for all students and teachers after the weekend on a Tuesday.

D-11 warning letter

So again, China flu is so, so serious…but not quite serious enough to shut schools down today. We’ll go ahead and make that move in twelve days. Move along…nothing to see here.