5 more Colorado counties head for lockdowns

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Five more counties have been upgraded from orange to red. A total of 20 counties have been upgraded to red. No word on if and when any counties will be total communism…oops, we meant “purple.

Denver7’s ominous graphic

The counties added to the madness Sunday will be:

  • Alamosa
  • Otero
  • Prowers
  • Pueblo
  • Weld

Those five counties join 15 counties who are the communism pioneers for Colorado in Wave 2, or whatever this is. Polis named those counties Tuesday of this week, and the state now adds five more counties today.

In those twenty counties, indoor dining is prohibited, gyms may only operate at 10% capacity with reservations, and school for children above 5th grade should be remote learning. Apparently, Rona doesn’t follow preschool through fifth graders home.

According to a recent Colorado Sun article, Wave 2 will deal a crushing blow to an overwhelming majority of most restaurants. Considering the primary spread of Rona has never been restaurants, the aimed closure of such is suspicious.

“Sales for 91% of restaurants were down, with 75% saying they will have to consider shutting down within six months at 25% indoor capacity. Shut indoor dining entirely and 24% said they would shut down in a month.” Co Sun

When the vast majority of independent restaurants have closed, and the last small retail shops have closed, and they will, and Americans are left with only big box stores and online shopping, will we look back on these last few months and wonder what we could have done? When COVID has crushed our spirits, and beliefs are legislated via health departments, employers, the media, sports, and public education, will we ever wonder what we could have done?

The Colorado Herald